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CEPS joining the FCR Cooperation

The Czech transmission system operator CEPS is now also participating in the cross-border cooperation for the procurement of frequency containment reserve (FCR). Since 22 February 2023, control reserve providers in the Czech Republic have been able to submit their bids in the cooperation area for the first delivery date of 1 March 2023. For Austrian suppliers, this means a further increase in their marketing opportunities.

The FCR cooperation is a cooperation for the joint procurement of primary control power, which now already has 12 members with 50Hertz, Amprion, APG, ELES, Elia, Energinet, RTE, Swissgrid, TenneT Netherlands, TenneT Germany, TransnetBW and the new member CEPS. APG was one of the founding members of the cooperation in 2015. In the meantime, around half of the continental European primary control demand is managed within the framework of this cooperation.

The accession of CEPS and the associated expansion of the cross-border FCR market area are expected to result in additional FCR cost reductions as well as further socio-economic benefits for the FCR cooperation.

The official announcement can also be found on the ENTSO-E website (German only).

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