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Decommissioning notifications

Section 23a(1) ElWOG 2010 requires operators of generation facilities with a maximum electrical capacity above 20 MW to submit binding notifications of any temporary, seasonal or permanent decommissioning of their plants from 1 October of a year onwards to the control area manager by 30 September of the previous year.  

The form provided by APG should be used for the decommissioning notification. The Excel file must be filled out and sent to, accompanied by a version of the completed form that has been signed by the company. APG will confirm safe receipt. 

Retraction of a binding decommissioning notification is only permitted where the following conditions and criteria have been met: 

1. A retraction of a (binding) decommissioning notification is only appropriate in line with Section 23d(3) ElWOG 2010 if the main reasons and circumstances originally given for the decommissioning have changed substantially. 

2. In any event, the power plant operator must provide a guarantee to the control area manager in line with Section 23d(1) ElWOG 2010 that the power plant, during the period for which the decommissioning notification is to be retracted, will be fully available for congestion management in the period under question, with the exception of periods of essential maintenance work. 

3. This retraction must not impair the appropriateness, fairness or transparency of the selection process as outlined in Section 23b ElWOG 2010. In particular, the applicant must not undertake any tactical behaviour in the process that leads to an improvement of its own bidding chances or to the deterioration of competitors’ bidding chances or that delays the tender procedure, for instance if, in accordance with Section 23b(5) EIWOG 2010, improved offers have been requested and the affected bidder wants to subsequently retract its decommissioning notification. The regulatory authority therefore takes the view that it is only possible to retract decommissioning notifications without causing problems and without influencing the process if this retraction takes place before the technical requirements for the provision of grid reserves in accordance with Section 23b(2) ElWOG 2010 are defined (in other words by the end of February each year for the procurement period starting from October). 

4. The control area manager must be demonstrably informed of the change to a decommissioning notification and receipt of the notification change will be confirmed by the control area manager. This is irrespective of additional notification and transparency requirements, for example the provisions under REMIT. 

5. By retracting the original decommissioning notification, the relevant power plant operator permanently withdraws from the (potential) pool of bidders for the grid reserve process. Due to the unconditional deadline for notification as specified under Section 23a(1) EIWOG 2010 (“by 30 September of the previous year”), there is no longer an option to withdraw the retraction. 




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Grid reserve

The grid reserve is intended to ensure that sufficient generation or consumption capacities are available at all times to eliminate bottlenecks in the transmission grid.

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