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Offer phase

Section 23b(2) EIWOG 2010 requires APG to conduct a two-stage tender procedure for the selection of grid reserve providers. 

In the first part of the process, APG checked the details and evidence submitted by the providers in their expressions of interest to see if they provided the required information and meet the eligibility conditions under Section 23b(1), (2) and (4) EIWOG 2010 in addition to the technical requirements (mandatory minimum requirements). 

All operators of eligible plants will be asked to submit offers within four weeks in accordance with Section 23b(3) EIWOG 2010. 

The current offer phase runs from 04/26/2023 to 05/24/2023 24:00 (receipt).




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Grid reserve

The grid reserve is intended to ensure that sufficient generation or consumption capacities are available at all times to eliminate bottlenecks in the transmission grid.

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