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Participation requirements for providers of grid loss energy

Participation requirements for providers are set out in detail in section 3 (Requirements for participation in Tendering Process) of the General Terms and Conditions

The Expression of Interest form in Annex 1 of the General Terms and Conditions is used by providers to announce their interest in participating in tenders, to supply relevant information for managing the tender and to indicate their acceptance of the legal, contractual and organisational rules governing the operation of auctions. 

Another form, Membership of an Austrian Balance Group, is found in Annex 3 of the General Terms and Conditions. Here, providers can give the information that will be needed to organise the supply of grid loss energy if the offer is successful. 

In addition to the General Terms and Conditions, the EFET General Agreement, version 2.1(a) dated 21 September 2007, and the accompanying Election Sheet to the EFET General Agreement underpin the agreement between the providers and APG. 

A parent guarantee can be submitted to increase the trading limit of the company that was calculated based on a valuation of the business. 

The participant is not necessarily required to sign either the General Terms and Conditions or the EFET General Agreement since the conditions mentioned were already accepted when the Expression of Interest (Annex 1) was signed. 

Please send the application documents relating to the participation in APG tenders for grid loss procurement by e-mail to and by post to the contact below. 

Access to APG’s Tendering and Trading System 

Access to the APG Tendering and Trading System (TTS) is needed to be able to participate in APG tenders. This first requires the company to be given permission to submit a tender to APG. The company must also be registered in the TTS by filling out the company master data sheet.  To gain personal access to the TTS you will need to complete, sign and submit the employee master data sheet.  

Once you have been successfully registered, APG will supply you with all the necessary information and technical resources to allow access to the TTS. Further information on the TTS and how to use it can be found in the TTS User's Guide



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