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Expression of interest

Section 23b(2) EIWOG 2010 requires APG to conduct a two-stage tender procedure for the selection of grid reserve providers. 

In accordance with Section 23b(1) EIWOG 2010, all providers that intend – under the conditions outlined in the tender documents (annex II) – to make their plants available for grid reserve purposes can express their interest to APG within the time frame specified below. 

In the first part of the process, APG will check the details and evidence submitted by the providers in their expressions of interest to see if they have provided the required information and meet the eligibility conditions under Section 23b(1), (2) and (4) EIWOG 2010 in addition to the technical requirements (mandatory minimum requirements). If the provider and/or the plant do not meet the eligibility conditions and technical requirements, the provider will not be invited to submit offers.

In the second stage, APG will ask the operators of eligible plants to submit offers within four weeks. Operators of plants that are not eligible will be notified of this. 

The accompanying forms are to be used to express interest according to plant type. All necessary parts must be submitted in electronic form only, by email to 

The forms must be signed by an authorised signatory and scanned or delivered with a compliant electronic signature. Paper documents and faxes will not be taken into consideration.  

Electronic versions in Excel format must also be submitted in addition to the forms signed by an authorised signatory. You are also asked to attach the required evidence as described in the tender documents according to plant type (annex II). 

Queries regarding the first stage of the tender procedure (expression of interest) must be submitted or sent by email to by 21.03.2023 only.

End of the expression of interest period: 28.03.2023, 12:00 (date of receipt)




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Grid reserve

The grid reserve is intended to ensure that sufficient generation or consumption capacities are available at all times to eliminate bottlenecks in the transmission grid.

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