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Demand-side response electricity-saving product

APG will launch a new demand-side response electricity-saving product in line with the EU’s emergency intervention regulation to address the continuing high energy prices and on the basis of the Austrian Electricity Consumption Reduction Act (Stromverbrauchsreduktionsgesetz, SVRG) which was adopted on 13 December 2022 by the Austrian Parliament. The new product is intended to reduce electricity consumption at peak times in order to lower electricity prices as well as the consumption of fossil fuels. Consumers are thus able to make a significant contribution towards saving energy, mitigating electricity prices and ensuring system security.

The legal basis for the product – the Electricity Consumption Reduction Act (SVRG) – was adopted by the Austrian Parliament during the National Council session on 13 December 2022 and can be viewed via the following link (in German only):

Saving electricity and cost

The new demand-side response electricity-saving product will make it possible to harness consumers’ flexibility through reducing electricity consumption or shifting usage to outside key consumption periods for the purposes of mitigating prices and stabilising the system. The tenders for reducing electricity consumption are aimed at flexible consumers (companies in the commercial and industrial sectors, aggregators) that can offer to potentially reduce their electricity consumption by at least 2 MWh for 2 hours at a time during key consumption periods (8:00 a.m.–12:00 noon and 5:00–7:00 p.m.). Whether this option is called upon by APG depends on the prevailing overall energy market situation, particularly whether peak consumption can to a large degree be covered by renewable electricity generation. The company will receive financial compensation if an activation request is made. The first tenders are currently planned for the beginning of January.

As part of the Special Market Forum (Sonder-Marktforum) on 19 December, APG gave interested parties details of the new demand-side response electricity-saving product as well as specific information on how to take part and the tender format. The content that was shown can be downloaded from the following page:


You can find further information on the relevant subpages:


Here you can learn more about participation.

Tender details

Here you can get further information on the tender details.


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Demand-Side-Response Stromsparprodukt

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