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The APG market forum

The APG market forum is a platform for regular interaction between APG and all domestic and foreign interested parties in the Austrian and European electricity market. The market forum is held at regular intervals (two to four times per year). 

Due to the current situation as regards COVID-19, the market forums are being held as webinars for the time being. 

Information and presentations on the market forums and webinars that took place can be found here:

Special Market Forum 09.11.2022

09.11.2022, 15:00-17:00: Special Market Forum/Webinar - Preparing for the Winter 2022/23

  • Situation assessment from today's perspective (Winter Outlook Report and stress test for Austria)
  • Precautionary measures to secure the power supply
  • Implementation of the EU Emergency Measures Regulation

Download Special Market Forum

Market Forum 14.11.2022

14.11.2022, 10:00-12:00: Cross-border market integration.

Topics include:

  • Core Flow Based Market Coupling,
  • Current developments SDAC and SIDC,
  • Further developments Capacity Calculation

Download Market Forum

Market Forum 22.11.2022

22.11.2022 08:30 - 14:00 (with lunch break): System-serving marketing opportunities for flexible plants

  • Electricity Balancing Austria
  • Industry4Redispatch
  • Grid reserve and congestion management
  • Overview and outlook Cooperations
  • RRAP and API

If you would like to receive more information about past or upcoming webinars, please write to 

You can find information on current and past consultation processes under consultations. 



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