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Capacity Allocation and Congestion Management (CACM)

Objectives and contents

Commission Regulation (EU) 2015/1222 establishing a guideline on capacity allocation and congestion management entered into force on 15 August 2015. The Regulation governs the design of the electricity market for the short-term energy markets (day-ahead and intraday auctions). Market coupling in the day-ahead and intraday time frames is performed by nominated electricity market operators (NEMOs) and should normally be based on flow-based capacity calculation methods. From the perspective of transmission system operators, the core elements of the CACM guideline relate to the determination of capacity calculation regions (CCRs), the development of flow-based capacity calculation methods and the review of existing bidding zone configurations. 

Ongoing consultations 

All public consultations concerning community obligations of the TSOs (both at European and regional level) can be found in the ENTSO-E consultation hub.  

National consultations pertaining only to APG or Austria can be found in the APG document hub.  

Approved requirements, terms and conditions and methodologies 

The ENTSO-E website contains information on all European obligations of transmission system operators and on the obligations of the individual capacity calculation regions, arising both from the EU network codes and from Regulation (EU) 2019/943 on the internal market for electricity. There you will also find all methods concerning community (European or regional) obligations of the TSOs that have been approved by the regulatory authorities of capacity calculation regions or ACER. 

Approved methods and specifications upon which APG’s national obligations are based can be found in the APG document hub

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